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Bayt Jaleela brings to you the iconic Mejdool dates from Palestine. Right out of the Holy land, our Mejdool dates are grown, nourished and cared for by farmers with generational experience, who use an artesian well built by our ancestors to water the palm trees. Our Mejdool dates are a delicious treat that perfectly satisfies that sweet tooth craving and are the ideal healthy bite to add to your daily nourishment while giving you the kickoff energy you need. From our partners in Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, we bring a wide selection of dates as part of your daily healthy habits. Bon Appétit 🙂

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Our Fine Palestinian Dates

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Rich in Fiber Potassium Energy
Ideal Healthy Snack


Dates are free from cholesterol, have no
sodium and contain very little fat.


Supplying you with a quarter of the
recommended daily allowance of Fiber,
and it is rich in Protein and Vitamins.


Medjool dates contain high amount of
potassium when compared to any other
fruit or vegetable.


Their high fiber content keeps you full
for longer hence curbing the cravings.